When it all goes wrong again… what do you do?

October 15, 2009

I confess… I got the title of this post from the 90s song by Everclear.

You ever just had one of those days (or weeks or heck… one of those years) where everything just seems to go wrong?

I’ve had several of those days in the past 3 weeks.

First, I discovered that someone cashed almost $10,000 in fraudulent checks out of one of my business checking accounts.

A few days later my merchant account got closed out of the blue, leaving me unable to process credit card orders from my clients.

Then I found out there was a warrant for my arrest from not showing up to a court hearing related to a biz deal I did over 5 years ago… even though I never received the notice to appear!

I was angry about 2 of the 3 things that happened but I didn’t let my anger get the best of me like it would have in the past. The Bible verse “Be angry and sin not” came to my mind alot.

When stuff like this happens in your life, what’s the best way to respond?

First of all, realize that as long as you’re alive you’re going to deal with pain & problems. Instead of making avoiding problems your goal, commit to learn contentment in any situation.

In the grand scheme of things, the ONLY thing you can control is your attitude and your actions. So don’t waste time and energy attempting to control other people or your circumstances; instead look to control your spirit. You’ll get more results!

I know that I personally have not been able to do this of my own power. I’ve come to realize I get selfish easily, and God has helped me shift my focus from fulfilling my own desires to serving other people. When I do this, I’m much happier and fulfilled.

In addition to learning contentment, I recommend you practice expressing gratitude every day. You can focus on your problems or your blessings. The
great news is, no matter how many trials you may be dealing with at any given moment, there’s ALWAYS something you can be thankful for.

Napoleon Hill said in “Think and Grow Rich” that EVERY problem carries with it the seed of an equal or greater sized benefit.

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To be SUPER advanced, thank God for your setbacks and problems and see how they can help you grow as a person. Look for the seed of equivalent or greater benefit your challenges give you!

Here’s how I’m applying this technique to the 3 challenges I shared above.

I thank God for the person who stole money from me because I’ve learned to be more careful with my banking accounts. Plus the incident reminds me not to put my faith in money (which can be gone overnight) and to put my faith in God instead.

I’m thankful for my merchant account being closed because it taught me to stay in more regular communication with people I do business with. Also it reminded me to always have contingency plans (and back-up vendors) in place.

Lastly, I thank God for the warrant for my arrest as it reminds me to be humble and allowed me to experience God’s grace. (The police didn’t arrest
me; they graciously alerted me so I could take care of it.)

So I choose to be thankful for all of the trials of my life so I can grow as a person, and I strongly encourage you to do the same.

**BTW, all 3 of the challenges are resolved now! I had the funds returned to my bank account, I had a backup merchant account I was able to switch over to so I can keep serving my clients, and I had the warrant taken care of also. So I praise God for his blessings in these trials.**

In closing, I encourage you to choose to be content and thankful in any circumstance. Even if you’ve had a recent painful financial experience, use it to grow as a person and make wiser decisions in the future. Forgive yourself or whoever may have wronged you, be thankful for what you DO have, and you’ll be more content.

Now THAT’S true prosperity!

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Until we speak again, leverage all you’ve got to
get ALL you want! God bless.

The 0% Income Tax Solution- can it be?

July 18, 2009

O.K. It’s official. Our government is spending money like a drunken sailor at a whorehouse, and the worse part is the money they’re spending is coming from your and your kids’ credit cards they stole out of your wallet.

Check out this INSANE chart to see the rate our government is spending at right now:

2009 US Federal Budget Deficit

The U.S. has spent over $1 TRILLION dollars and the deficit is expected to end up at a total amount of $1.84 Trillion by October according to the president’s Administration (whole article here). Remember, this is the same Administration that told us unemployment wouldn’t go above 8.5% and it’s now at 9.5%. So I wouldn’t trust their #s and I won’t be surprised if the deficit ends up topping $2 Trillion the next few months.

The first few times I looked at this chart I didn’t realize that the black line on the right is this year’s spending. It’s so far out of whack with past years’ spending that it doesn’t look like it fits on the chart and I thought it was the border of the picture. Sadly, it isn’t.

You know there’s a problem when you’re smart and your brain has a hard time wrapping itself around the size and scope of the massive spending going on right now. Hearing the #s is one thing; seeing them is another!!!

So what can you do to protect yourself from your taxes getting jacked sky-high? A few things.

One is to do everything you can do to lower your taxes immediately. My Prosperity Power system will help you do that.

Another idea put forth in the Wall Street Journal is for the government to lower the middle class tax rate in the U.S. to ZERO PERCENT. The middle class only contributes 4% of TOTAL government revenue, so if the government lowered most Americans’ taxes to 0% the government revenue wouldn’t dip at all due to its increased administrative cost savings AND most middle class people would keep 25% to 33% more of their income in their pockets (whole article).

And if you’re one of the top 40% of all income earners your taxes won’t go up under a plan like this to either as there’s no revenue to have to make up.

Now THAT’s a stimulus plan I can get excited about!

So, is it a total pipe dream? I don’t think so. Look at the protests in Iran over their election abuse of power a few weeks ago. Look at all the tax protest Tea Parties that are taking place all over America. In 1985 in the Philippines the people stood up against tyranny and turned things around. All throughout history there are examples of people standing up for what’s right and changing things for the better.

So if you want this to happen, then be willing to take a little action. Here’s what I recommend:

1. Write your Congressman and Senator online, tell them you support the “Middle Class Zero Percent Income Tax Stimulus Plan”, and send them the link to the WSJ article! Let your voice be heard.

2. As you ultimately can’t control what the Administration or Congress does despite making your voice heard, take FULL responsibility to lower your taxes as low as you legally can NOW! With the right structures set up for you by professionals, you can legally get your taxes down to single digits. This is the best way you can make sure you don’t end up getting stuck with the tax bill that’s coming due from our ballooning deficit. I show you how to do this and connect you to people who will set up the structures for you in my Prosperity Power system. Check out all the financial benefits you get from it now here.

Well, that’s it for now. Be encouraged that you CAN do something about the crazy spending going on around you, and EMPOWER yourself and protect yourself and your family. God bless you.

David Newby

P.S. If enough of you respond to this post, I’ll write a short letter you can send to your Congressman, Senator, and the Adminstration office and post it here on my blog.

Michael Jackson’s Death Has to do with YOUR Money?!?

July 6, 2009

Last week when I heard Michael Jackson died I was
surprised by my reaction. Were you?

At first I thought it was a joke or a prank…

Then I turned on cable news and watched in shock
for a few hours.

All that’s pretty normal but here’s the part I
didn’t expect: I actually felt guilty that I had
cracked a few jokes about him the last few years!
I also felt sad for the lost opportunity he had
to do his final comeback tour to recover from
some of his financial setbacks.

Have you ever felt guilty over a complete
stranger’s death? I sure hadn’t!

**Before you write me about MJ’s legal issues,
know I have a brother who was molested twice and
2 young sons of my own. No matter HOW you feel
about the allegations against him, there’s still
a BIG financial lesson to be learned from him.**

Here’s the other interesting thing- thinking back
I remembered the first thing I bought for myself
was a black velcro wallet with the Thriller album
cover on it. I was on welfare at the time, and I
had saved up $7 or so. I spent $5 of my money
(65% of my total wealth!!) to “be like Mike.”

So, what’s the lesson to take away from all this?

First, know that you don’t have to feel guilty
for missing opportunities in your past. You’re
still alive and can start making empowering
decisions today!

Second, be mindful that others are watching your
example and that your success can inspire others
to improve themselves. When I was a welfare kid,
Michael Jackson’s EXPRESSED creativity (he DID
something with it) inspired me to be better when
I was only 10 years old.

Seizing opportunity and improving yourself- both
will make a big difference for you. You’re alive
and you have the freedom to choose your life’s
path… choose wisely!

I just made a video and posted it online for you-
it shows you 4 ways to deal with the 3 biggest
threats to your financial survival right NOW.

Check it out here:

There’s a couple “dark clouds” on the horizon
that will directly affect your family’s money
that the mainstream press isn’t talking about.

Get the inside scoop from my video now so you
don’t feel guilty about YOUR missed opportunity.

God bless you and talk soon.

To Your Most Abundant Life Now,

David Newby

P.S. Millions are mourning the sudden loss of
Michael Jackson and are spending hours watching
news coverage on him. I know I have!

No offense to Michael, but his passing isn’t
going to directly affect your life in the next
3 months to a year. What’s going on in the world
economy right now IS directly affecting you, so
make a small investment of your time in staying
informed so you can protect yourself now:
4 Recession Survival Tips Video

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YOUR Stimulus Plan to Avoid Personal Recession- by David Newby

February 16, 2009

The U.S. government just approved a $797 BILLION stimulus plan Friday night. 25% of it is tax cuts and the rest is new spending. Very little of it is earmarked for housing and mortgage re-terming, which is the sector of the U.S. economy that started the recession in the first place. That plan is slated to come out this week.

BOTTOM LINE: no matter what your political views, how long do you think it will be before this spending helps you out financially? The government is likely going to have to raise taxes eventually to pay for all this new spending. When they do raise your taxes, how will that help you financially?

I strongly encourage you to put together your own PERSONAL stimulus plan to put more money in your pockets NOW and protect what you already have. It’s vital you take massive action to position yourself to not only survive… but to thrive through this recession.

Recessions are the best times to create wealth; protect what you have, seize opportunities, and focus on creating cash flow with your nest egg. That way no matter what the government does you’ll be reaping the rewards of your own stimulus plan. Get some tools for your personal stimulus plan here.