When it all goes wrong again… what do you do?

October 15, 2009

I confess… I got the title of this post from the 90s song by Everclear.

You ever just had one of those days (or weeks or heck… one of those years) where everything just seems to go wrong?

I’ve had several of those days in the past 3 weeks.

First, I discovered that someone cashed almost $10,000 in fraudulent checks out of one of my business checking accounts.

A few days later my merchant account got closed out of the blue, leaving me unable to process credit card orders from my clients.

Then I found out there was a warrant for my arrest from not showing up to a court hearing related to a biz deal I did over 5 years ago… even though I never received the notice to appear!

I was angry about 2 of the 3 things that happened but I didn’t let my anger get the best of me like it would have in the past. The Bible verse “Be angry and sin not” came to my mind alot.

When stuff like this happens in your life, what’s the best way to respond?

First of all, realize that as long as you’re alive you’re going to deal with pain & problems. Instead of making avoiding problems your goal, commit to learn contentment in any situation.

In the grand scheme of things, the ONLY thing you can control is your attitude and your actions. So don’t waste time and energy attempting to control other people or your circumstances; instead look to control your spirit. You’ll get more results!

I know that I personally have not been able to do this of my own power. I’ve come to realize I get selfish easily, and God has helped me shift my focus from fulfilling my own desires to serving other people. When I do this, I’m much happier and fulfilled.

In addition to learning contentment, I recommend you practice expressing gratitude every day. You can focus on your problems or your blessings. The
great news is, no matter how many trials you may be dealing with at any given moment, there’s ALWAYS something you can be thankful for.

Napoleon Hill said in “Think and Grow Rich” that EVERY problem carries with it the seed of an equal or greater sized benefit.

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To be SUPER advanced, thank God for your setbacks and problems and see how they can help you grow as a person. Look for the seed of equivalent or greater benefit your challenges give you!

Here’s how I’m applying this technique to the 3 challenges I shared above.

I thank God for the person who stole money from me because I’ve learned to be more careful with my banking accounts. Plus the incident reminds me not to put my faith in money (which can be gone overnight) and to put my faith in God instead.

I’m thankful for my merchant account being closed because it taught me to stay in more regular communication with people I do business with. Also it reminded me to always have contingency plans (and back-up vendors) in place.

Lastly, I thank God for the warrant for my arrest as it reminds me to be humble and allowed me to experience God’s grace. (The police didn’t arrest
me; they graciously alerted me so I could take care of it.)

So I choose to be thankful for all of the trials of my life so I can grow as a person, and I strongly encourage you to do the same.

**BTW, all 3 of the challenges are resolved now! I had the funds returned to my bank account, I had a backup merchant account I was able to switch over to so I can keep serving my clients, and I had the warrant taken care of also. So I praise God for his blessings in these trials.**

In closing, I encourage you to choose to be content and thankful in any circumstance. Even if you’ve had a recent painful financial experience, use it to grow as a person and make wiser decisions in the future. Forgive yourself or whoever may have wronged you, be thankful for what you DO have, and you’ll be more content.

Now THAT’S true prosperity!

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Until we speak again, leverage all you’ve got to
get ALL you want! God bless.

2 Responses to “When it all goes wrong again… what do you do?”


  2. Katie Mayberry Says:

    Hi David,

    This is Katie, I met you at the airport in North Carolina yesterday 3/15/11. I am not sure if this email will ever reach you but I am really happy to have met you and I would like to thank you for putting the word of God back into my heart. I feel the Holy Spirit within me again and feel truly blessed to have met you. You honestly are an inspiration and thank you so much for keeping my daughter and I company. I cannot thank-you enough. -Katie A. Mayebrry

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