YOUR Stimulus Plan to Avoid Personal Recession- by David Newby

February 16, 2009

The U.S. government just approved a $797 BILLION stimulus plan Friday night. 25% of it is tax cuts and the rest is new spending. Very little of it is earmarked for housing and mortgage re-terming, which is the sector of the U.S. economy that started the recession in the first place. That plan is slated to come out this week.

BOTTOM LINE: no matter what your political views, how long do you think it will be before this spending helps you out financially? The government is likely going to have to raise taxes eventually to pay for all this new spending. When they do raise your taxes, how will that help you financially?

I strongly encourage you to put together your own PERSONAL stimulus plan to put more money in your pockets NOW and protect what you already have. It’s vital you take massive action to position yourself to not only survive… but to thrive through this recession.

Recessions are the best times to create wealth; protect what you have, seize opportunities, and focus on creating cash flow with your nest egg. That way no matter what the government does you’ll be reaping the rewards of your own stimulus plan. Get some tools for your personal stimulus plan here.

One Response to “YOUR Stimulus Plan to Avoid Personal Recession- by David Newby”

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