Michael Jackson’s Death Has to do with YOUR Money?!?

July 6, 2009

Last week when I heard Michael Jackson died I was
surprised by my reaction. Were you?

At first I thought it was a joke or a prank…

Then I turned on cable news and watched in shock
for a few hours.

All that’s pretty normal but here’s the part I
didn’t expect: I actually felt guilty that I had
cracked a few jokes about him the last few years!
I also felt sad for the lost opportunity he had
to do his final comeback tour to recover from
some of his financial setbacks.

Have you ever felt guilty over a complete
stranger’s death? I sure hadn’t!

**Before you write me about MJ’s legal issues,
know I have a brother who was molested twice and
2 young sons of my own. No matter HOW you feel
about the allegations against him, there’s still
a BIG financial lesson to be learned from him.**

Here’s the other interesting thing- thinking back
I remembered the first thing I bought for myself
was a black velcro wallet with the Thriller album
cover on it. I was on welfare at the time, and I
had saved up $7 or so. I spent $5 of my money
(65% of my total wealth!!) to “be like Mike.”

So, what’s the lesson to take away from all this?

First, know that you don’t have to feel guilty
for missing opportunities in your past. You’re
still alive and can start making empowering
decisions today!

Second, be mindful that others are watching your
example and that your success can inspire others
to improve themselves. When I was a welfare kid,
Michael Jackson’s EXPRESSED creativity (he DID
something with it) inspired me to be better when
I was only 10 years old.

Seizing opportunity and improving yourself- both
will make a big difference for you. You’re alive
and you have the freedom to choose your life’s
path… choose wisely!

I just made a video and posted it online for you-
it shows you 4 ways to deal with the 3 biggest
threats to your financial survival right NOW.

Check it out here:

There’s a couple “dark clouds” on the horizon
that will directly affect your family’s money
that the mainstream press isn’t talking about.

Get the inside scoop from my video now so you
don’t feel guilty about YOUR missed opportunity.

God bless you and talk soon.

To Your Most Abundant Life Now,

David Newby

P.S. Millions are mourning the sudden loss of
Michael Jackson and are spending hours watching
news coverage on him. I know I have!

No offense to Michael, but his passing isn’t
going to directly affect your life in the next
3 months to a year. What’s going on in the world
economy right now IS directly affecting you, so
make a small investment of your time in staying
informed so you can protect yourself now:
4 Recession Survival Tips Video

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